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You can now see all of your family information by using link: johnthomp.myheritage.com You can add or replace photos, events and or do family research emailing your information to Raheim  uc789@projectinternet.com So lets keep it going.

Ask Dr. Amerson

Questions you’re afraid to ask your Mom.image

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New born cord stem cell research can extend the quality of life for your new baby and family. Preserving your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells can only be done at birth.

Banking these precious cells can allow future successful treatment for over 40 life threatening diseases including cancer, Alzheimer, sickle cell, and spinal cord injuries.

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To view a sample of the Family Tree you must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer.  Click this link to Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, Now!  after you have installed the free reader software,  you can then see a sample of the Family Tree, click on this link OUR FAMILY TREE.

Authored by Family


Dr Bernida Thompson “2018 Johnson-Thompson Family Registry”

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Faheem Khabeer “It’s Not A Game”


Chris Wesley“The Gospel of Wolves”An Uncommonly Raw Explorer of the Human Conditionhttps://www.chriswesley.com – https://instagram.com/chriswesleylive –  https://www.facebook.com/chris.wesley.live


Recognition & Achievement Form

Kamaria Johnson, graduated from Central State Univ,  Wilberforce, Ohio

We are proud of The Bean Family!

Andrew J. Bean Jr.Andrew J. Bean Jr. 2

Andrew J. Bean Jr. was awarded Modern Day Technology Award at Black Engineer of the Year Awards hosted by BEYA in Washington, DC (2015). Andrew was acknowledged in the USBE Information Technology Magazine. He retired from Lockheed Martin Corporation in October 2017 with 39 years of outstanding service.

Beane III

Andrew J. Bean, III (AJay) started DREAMWAVE, LLC trading as 808 MDRecords in February 2018. The company designs, promotes and provides multimedia fashion and consulting services for local businesses and non-profit organizations.



Hawrence Hawkins Jr.
DOB: Dec 17 1944
DOD: May 27 2020

Aunt Zora passed
DOB: July 30th, 1923
DOD: April 1st. 2019

Hazel Rice
DOB: May 21 1950
DOD: Jan 24 2020

DOB: Apr 6 1962
DOD: Jan 201
Mark Thompson
DOB: Aug 8th 1928
DOD: Nov 27th, 2017

Our Beloved
Cordozia “Toot” Johnson
DOB: June 27, 1935
DOD: Aug  19th, 2007

Earline Hawkins (born Thompson) 
DOB: Mar 22 1922
DOD: Mar 22, 2017 

Robin Gallman
DOD: April 2015

Ivory Victor ” IV ” Rice
DOB: 10 Jan 1939
OD: 12 Jun 2014

Arrangments for Pastor Seth Doyle: Family Hour 6-8 pm Friday, February 8 at the Second Baptist Church, 1770 West Youngs Ditch Road, Bay City, Michigan; Celebration of Life 11am Saturday, February 9, First Trinity Baptist Church,1226 Beach Street, Flint, Michigan. 

Incredibly Proud of My Family!!!Congratulations, Wynndel Burns on your re-election to Forest Park City Council; Lillian Hawkins on your re-election to Princeton City School Board and Lawrence Hawkins III on your re-election to
Springdale City Council. My heros!

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